Where can students look for work?

Today, many students, already in their first year, ask themselves the question: where to go to work? When these people were schoolchildren, they thought: now I will go to study and start working. Having become such, they understand that it is not so simple.

Of course, if you can be arranged by acquaintance somewhere, then it’s great. You shouldn’t blame such people. Who would refuse a good place, even with friends? What about those whose parents are not entrepreneurs or company bosses?

If you are looking for work for the sake of work, then it is not difficult to find one. You can go to McDonald’s, become waiters, couriers, call-center operators. By and large, this is physical lackey labor that will wear you out and negatively affect your studies.

Where to go to those who want to work with their heads and preferably in their specialty?
There is a way out for senior students. This is an internship that takes place in a serious company and in the specialty.

For junior students, this is already much more difficult, since it is very difficult to find a part-time job, and even without being a certified specialist, it is especially difficult to look for a job in a crisis. Now students use the Internet to find their desired job. And this plays into the hands of scammers.

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There are a lot of advertisements, skillfully disguised as ordinary job advertisements, but, in fact, are a hoax. This is the well-known Oriflame, and IDC Discount, and a bunch of similar companies.

No, of course, in theory, it is possible to make money in such pyramids, but do you really want to sell cosmetics or snatch discount cards under the pretext of work? Personally, I would choose to work as a waiter.
In general, the pyramid is a separate topic for discussion. They are the most to be wary of. They promise mountains of gold, but at the same time if you please pay for the contract, buy some first set of cosmetics there, and then you can look for people who will lead to your stories and do the same. Again, it is possible to make money in this way, but I think if you are reading this article, you understand how impracticable it is.

There is one loophole for students – their own business. But you must understand that only a few – the lucky ones succeed in this.
There is also such a thing as a freelancer, which implies remote work, but you must be a professional in something or know very well some area. What can first or second-year students be good at?

Let’s say web design, are there guys who began to take an interest in it at school and now really know how to do something, and those who do not have such skills (meaning unique abilities, and not necessarily in web design)?

So, what do we have: if you have no connections or the opportunity to get a job in a really solid company for an interesting vacancy, start your own business, become freelancers, get an internship, then the way out is a job that does not require special skills: a waiter, a member of the team restaurant and so on.

Yes, the choice is not the richest, but believe me, it is better than chasing some overly implausible proposals from organizations whose name you do not know, and which turn out to be just another deception. Motivate yourself for real work, not theory! Good luck.

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