How to look for a job correctly?

The reasons why you ask yourself this question may be different – graduation from a university, layoff at work, moving to another city, or simply decided to change the field of activity. Whatever the reasons, before you start looking for a job, ask yourself one more question – What do you expect from a new job?
A friend of mine likes to say, “Work should bring either pleasure or money. If there is none other – the job needs to be changed. ” I probably agree with him. The ideal option is a job that includes both conditions.

If you have decided on your desires, go to the first step.

Writing a resume.

As a rule, the time that a potential employer will spend on familiarization with your resume – 1-2 minutes, so your resume should be short.
Main points:

  • Full name.
  • Contact information. Specify work, home, e-mail, cell phones, to be able to contact you if your candidacy is of interest to the employer.
  • Purpose. Here you can indicate the position for which you are applying or the field of activity.
  • Education. Write the name of the educational institution … The end date. It will not be superfluous information about awards, academic degrees if any.
  • Work experience. Here you indicate information about previous jobs – a period of work, organization name, position, your achievements.
  • Personal data. At your request, you can indicate your personal qualities, a couple of your hobbies. This is not an obligatory item, but it will help to consolidate the created impression of you.

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When writing a resume, remember – you should not embellish the reality, because a resume is your business card, but a personal meeting will put everything in its place.
You can send a finished resume to the company you are interested in by e-mail, fax, or personally. You can also post your resume on a specialized website.
So, the first step has been successfully completed.

You have been invited for an interview.

Remember the proverb – “They are greeted by their clothes, escorted by their minds”? You can recall one more statement – “You will not have a second chance to make a first impression.” It really is. Therefore, you need to carefully prepare for the interview. Think over your image to the smallest detail – hairstyle, makeup, costume. An interview is a rather stressful situation and your thoughts should be focused on the interlocutor, on the questions asked to you, and not on the heel that has fallen off.

Be prepared for the fact that you have to answer tricky questions. To feel more confident, think ahead about the answers to these common questions: “Why did you quit your previous job? Why did you choose our company? What salary would suit you? ” Before the interview, collect information about the company, and then your interlocutor will get the impression that your choice is not accidental, and you are interested in getting a job in this particular company.

Whatever the reasons for your dismissal from your previous job, do not speak badly about your former manager and colleagues.
And the last piece of advice. If you were offered a job, but you understand that this is not exactly what you wanted – refuse. Because it turns out that having received it, set yourself up for the fact that this work is temporary, and thoughts will again be busy looking for a new job, but at the same time, you will have to join the new team and deal with your new responsibilities. But since You were initially not satisfied with this work, then you will not perform it with full dedication, this will affect the results, and the general mood, and the attitude of others towards you.
It is better to spend a little more time, and you will definitely find a job that really will suit you.

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