If you have lost your job

In a modern, turbulent and aggressive world prone to economic and financial crises, no one is safe from job loss. But do not despair, complain about fate and feel sorry for yourself if this happened to you. Take advantage of this situation to your advantage – turn your misfortune into your luck.

First of all, start spending time with health benefits. Regular lack of sleep, many hours in traffic jams, liters of coffee drunk, dry meals, overtime work late and on weekends – now all this is not about you. Get a good night’s sleep, eat on time and properly, drink coffee on a full stomach, eat fewer rolls and sandwiches. Go in for sports – run, swim, play. You will see – very soon you will begin to feel much better and more confident, which means that no stress or depression will threaten you. With such self-confidence, you can easily pass a new interview and find yourself a suitable place of work.

Dig into yourself, understand what exactly you want. If you do not like the job that you have lost, and this is often the case, then you have a great chance to change something in your life, find new goals and desires. What other skills do you have? What else can you do, what did you learn? If you prefer to stay in the same industry, then consider upgrading your qualifications or acquiring additional skills. Perhaps foreign languages, computer courses, knowledge of management or other useful skills will be useful to you. Or maybe it makes sense for you to change your place of residence, city, country?

When You've Lost Your Job: How to Start Moving Forward

You are unemployed, not an outcast. Don’t close your home or live in isolation. On the contrary, at this time you need to communicate as much as possible with acquaintances, friends, former colleagues, neighbors, and other people who can help you successfully find a job. At this time, no one will knock on your door and offer a profitable and interesting job, you must find it yourself.

Keep the rhythm of life. Wake up on time, have breakfast, exercise, run. Then: job search, internet, communication, courses, and interviews, just meeting friends and acquaintances. This will maintain your vitality and relieve you of the feeling of idleness, and as a result of dissatisfaction and self-doubt.

Some people voluntarily take a break from their professional activities to fulfill their dreams before it’s too late. Perhaps you also had a chance to do something, to go somewhere, in general, to do what you always wanted, but for which there was no time during work. Maybe it’s time for you to write a book, or maybe visit the countries of the Far East, or maybe you just need to start attending guitar lessons!?

Pay attention to community service. She may not bring money, but she can bring you a lot of positive emotions, joy to others, and also give you a lot of new and possibly useful acquaintances. There are many public organizations in our country in which you can directly participate. Choose what you like: conservation and protection of nature, care for the elderly and disabled, support for orphanages, volunteers of sports, and other mass events.

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