How to raise your salary

Are you no longer satisfied with your income? Do you think your salary could be higher? Would you like to receive more? Not sure how to properly inform your boss about this? There are some simple tricks to be successful in this difficult matter and to ensure that your wish is heard and satisfied.

  • To know exactly how much in monetary terms it is possible to increase the salary, you must first find out how much the specialists of your class earn with approximate experience, skills, and abilities, with similar working conditions, you will have to do some research. It is better to find out about this from your friends, acquaintances who work in a similar company, occupying the appropriate position. This will provide some insight not on nominal labor market offerings, but on actual possible earnings.
  • Analyze the capabilities of your company, firm, employer capabilities. Also, take into account the state of affairs in the structure where you operate and the general state of the industry in the market.
  • If there are reductions, due to the lack of demand for the sectoral structure, if the organization’s income has fallen, the turnover of production, and other things, the opportunity to receive a wage premium is zero. Wait for better times.
  • Take the trouble to think over the reasons for your proposal to raise the salary, which must be voiced. It will be useful to know how much such work is paid for by you, companies competing with your organization. At this point, you need to clearly assess your strengths, skills, knowledge, skills, and reason for your statement about raising wages.

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  • Take a time to speak with your boss. You should not use your phone or email to resolve this issue. Meet with the employer face to face. Confidently and calmly state your commitment. Treat this conversation as a business meeting. Behave accordingly. Be respectful and professional.
  • Show your boss your best side. The ability to declare yourself intelligibly and clearly, calmly, and reasonably is a very big plus for you as an employee. All the information collected regarding your professional qualities, information on remuneration in competing organizations, presents it as an analytical study. Make this appointment your best business deal.
  • Ask your employer what are the prospects for receiving the allowance. Ask questions that may be of concern to you, express your innovative proposals for organizing your work or the work process that you understand as a specialist. Tell him about your interest in the work being done, desire, and intention to improve the quality indicators of your work, with the possible prospect of increasing his pay.
  • What if the presentation took place, and the employer is silent and does not go for any promotion? You must be prepared for this. Talk to your employer frankly about the fact that you will not stay on the same terms. Once the conversation has taken place, then you should not show that disinterest in you, as a specialist and a conscientious employee, does not bother you. Learn to appreciate your abilities.

Don’t be afraid of change. Perhaps this case is just the beginning of a better career. In any case, we recommend that you have your resume at hand to calmly respond to any not too positive attacks on your address from your employer.

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