How easy it is to find a job

Technological progress, as you know, is striding by leaps and bounds in our lives. Even in such a matter as finding a job or workers, the World Wide Web stands out from all possible options.
The Internet is replete with a huge number of specialized sites offering vacancies and resumes of applicants. Here you can choose a job for every taste. You can choose everything – both the desired city and the necessary conditions.

And an employer on the Internet can find an employee who willfully meets his requirements. Fortunately, the choice here is not limited at all.
But in what way is it more effective to look for a place of earnings and the one who will make these earnings for the company, that is, an employee? The old and expensive way is by recruiting agencies. Or take advantage of the unlimited possibilities of the network?

Choosing a search method, you need to know well all the pros and cons of these options.

The first, with the help of an agency, is, of course, more expensive. This is explained by the fact that personnel officers are looking for, as a rule, narrowly focused specialists, highly qualified employees. Therefore, finding such a candidate suitable for the specific requirements of the employer takes a lot of time, effort, and financial investment. Recruitment agencies need to find, check and select specialists. Although, recruitment agencies very often use the possibilities of the World Wide Web. But only at first, as a rule, at the stage of primary search. Basically, employers pay for not so much the search for candidates, as for their competent selection and compliance with job parameters. Agency employees spend most of their time on a high-quality selection of applicants, the search does not take much time. Finding a specific employee with the necessary skills for a specific employer is not an easy task. Requests of both parties are taken into account and combined.

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The second option – the Internet – is undoubtedly less expensive for both categories, both job seekers and employers. Almost everyone has access to information on the Internet. Finding a job or the right employee is not a problem. The problem is rather a matter of making the right choice of both. In a virtual search for information, we do not see our opponent, and we ourselves can remain incognito. This feature can be used in different ways. As they say, not only butter is cut with a knife. Many companies conduct online marketing research by offering fake vacancies on specialized sites. The respondents who have responded are subjected to a “preliminary interview” procedure, which is actually marketing research of the market. Why pay more when you can not pay at all? After a while, the job seeker is informed that “unfortunately, you do not fit the customer’s parameters” or something like that.
Similarly, employers themselves can expect a huge heap of resumes on their e-mail, which will take time and nerves. The fact is that there are more incognito pranksters on the Internet than in reality. And no one is protected from inadequate people in this regard.

Involving the services of a recruiting agency or the Internet, of course, everyone decides independently, comparing all the pros and cons. You can find specialists and good campaigns everywhere if you want. And knowing the pros and cons, you can speed up the result. Remember, if you are looking for a depressing job, then you should note that it is low paid. And if you are looking for a job that would, on the contrary, please you, then listen to your interests – they will not deceive!

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