I’m A Lazy Mom And I Love It

August 23, 2017
lazy mom

There’s not one day when I don’t receive a million questions about how do I cope with three kids under 18 months old. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? But in fact, it’s not that bad! I know that some moms are loosing their minds with just one child, and that’s completely understandable. What about me? I’m too lazy to go insane. Yes, I’m a lazy mom, and I love it!

It all started on the day our twin girls Mia and Luna were born. I had a very complicated delivery and I couldn’t leave the bed for days. I let my boyfriend take care of them during the day and night. He was feeding, changing and bathing babies while I recovered. By the day we left the hospital I was so get used to comfort, that I promise, I didn’t want to leave. I knew that outside of the hospital there’s a chaos waiting for me.

And that’s what happened. The first weeks were so exhausting! All I wanted was to get a sleep, and so I did. For those who ask me about our sleeping routine, we don’t have one. We don’t have any routine at all. If I’m tired, I put my kids to sleep, and luckily for me, they sleep. The only thing I really think about is how to make Anya sleep just after I feed the twins, because then we all are quiet for at least three – four hours. That is perfectly enough for a nap. And that’s my magic sleep routine! Meals? If I want to eat, I prepare a meal and share it with Anya. I don’t want to spend my only free time in the kitchen, cooking those organic baby meals, that every ecological alpha-mom is so proud of. I’m too lazy for that. That’s why I always try to find a way to combine my own needs with my kids’ needs. And not like a have a choice.

I always say that taking care of newborn twins is easy. What is hard is a toddler. Demanding, attention seeking toddler who needs to be watched out every single second. I was not able to relax and enjoy my little babies, and I’m still not. I can’t do anything but to look for Anya. Today  I left the twins in one room with Anya for 30 seconds, and when I came back, she was sitting on Luna’s face. Hopefully, it was just for 30 seconds. And such moments happen every day. Many times a day. So if you’re searching for rotten tomatoes to throw at me, think what she could do while I cook gluten free – vegan cookies.

I’ve learned to let things go and stop to worry too much. Imagine if every time something goes wrong, I become mad. I would probably write this article from a madhouse. I’m not an alpha-mom who’s house is shiny and babies always clean. And I don’t want to be one, I don’t need it. We don’t need it!

What I want to say, is that I can’t make my kids happy if I’m constantly tired or stressed out. That’s why it’s important for me to be a little bit lazy sometimes.  I never force my toddler to take a nap at 3 pm just because she should, and I never feed babies at exact hours, just because it’s written on a formula box. I don’t follow the rules, and I think this is what makes my kids and all my family happy.

I can see it in Mia’s and Luna’s happy faces,  I feel it when Anya falls asleep holding me tightly, or when my boyfriend sneaks out from the office to bring me croissants . The way we do just seems so right. So maybe not having any routine is a good thing?

Being a lazy mom doesn’t make me a good mom, but for sure it makes our life easier, and that’s all we need right now.



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    From one lazy mom to another, I fully agree with you.

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