5 Things I’ve learned from my baby (So far)

December 7, 2016

Next week our little Anya turns 9 months. I know, you hear this from every parent, but time goes too fast, doesn’t it? I have a weird mixture of happiness and sadness inside me but don’t worry, I won’t bother you with my feelings full of cliches and corns. I’m here to remind you some old lessons which I’ve relearned by seeing things through my baby’s eyes.

1. Happiness is in the simple things

I said no corns? Sorry! However, it’s true. I’m so fascinated when I see my baby interacting with the world. Each day is new to her, so everything seems really exciting. She wakes up every morning ready to explore, and my job is to help her, and when I do, suddenly, the world I thought I know appears to be full of small miracles. 

2. Smile no matter what

This lesson is actually learned from our daddy. I used to scream with fright every time our little one fell or hit, till my boyfriend told me: “Stop! She is crying not because she’s hurt, but because you scare her.” I realized that he’s right. You won’t calm your baby by making a panic, so slow down and smile. Even if it’s sometimes hard.

3. Every baby is different

Sometimes, as a young parent, I worry too much and question myself too many unnecessary questions. Maybe our daughter isn’t keeping up with the other babies? Does she achieve all the milestones in the right developmental sequence? And where the hell are teeth? I learned to slow down and I’ve realized that I have a wonderful healthy baby and that’s what matters the most. She is happy the way she is, even if she doesn’t have the teeth yet or doesn’t like the taste of a super healthy avocado.

4. Trust your instincts

I think buying parenting books was the stupidest thing I’ve done. In the beginning, I tortured myself and the baby by following someone else’s rules on how I should raise my own child. However, I’ve understood that no matter what, I know our little one better than anyone else in the world, even Dr. Google. As soon as you start to focus too much on other people’s opinions you stop listening to your own instincts and this is how you can lose a connection with your baby very easily. Me, I try to relax and listen to my baby.

5. Every day is a new adventure

I think I missed the moment when from a tiny, fragile baby she turned into a ninja and she doesn’t even walk yet. Every day she finds a way to surprise me. Whether she learns to roll over 360 degrees, to grab four different objects at the time or to play with daddy’s stereo system by pushing the buttons with her feet (she also found the way to open the commode where it’s hidden). Sometimes even a content of a nappy is full of surprises. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!

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