Birdies Daily Desktop Presets


Here are 7 of my favorite presets that I use when editing all of my daily life photos. These desktop presets can be applied to any image to add a clean, warm and vibrant look - the same look as my photos that you see on Instagram. Very easy to install, even easier to apply.

What is so special about my presets? Most of bloggers sell their presets using perfect travel photos shot with professional cameras. But in reality, those presets don’t always work well on daily life photos of “normal folks” who take their photos with less expensive cameras or a phone. I created my own presets that actually work for different types of photos, whatever you’re a professional photographer or a selfie lover. They come in a pack of seven which allows you to find a one click edit for each and every one of your photos and create a cohesive yet playful feed. They all are different so you just can’t go wrong.

Please note that all presets work differently on every image, and because every image is different you will likely need to tweak the edit (exposure, shadows, etc) after the preset is applied.

These presets are designed for Lightroom desktop version only and compatible with RAW and JPEG photos. They are not compatible with the Lightroom mobile app.

Presets together with a PDF document with a step guide on how to import presets will be sent immediately via email once payment is received (please check your spam folder if you can't find it).

Please remember that you cannot download these presets from your mobile phone! You must use a desktop/laptop computer.

Reviews (4)
Those presets are SO easy to use. Just a light adjustment to do, since every pictures are different and you’re done ! AMAZING results even with the most common picture. Definitely worth it to buy. Can’t wait for you’re next presets !!
I love the Birdies preset package! It's so hard to choose which to use because they all make my photos look so good. A great package to make even the dullest of photos come to life. LOVE IT!
These are so clean and I love that there are presets for every photo type. Portrait, city, indoor, nature. It makes editing so easy!
I’m in love with these presets! I love that they come in a pack of seven which allows me to find a one click edit for each and every one of my photos and create a cohesive yet playful feed! I love how subtle they are, they don’t mask colors and they really enhance every image in such a beautiful and natural way! Highly recommend them!