Leadership based on openness

Leadership based on openness

Leadership experience Kim Scott amazes with its versatility . On her account co-founded and control Juice Software , heading teams sales Google , development and teaching course leadership in Apple . Also Scott was a mentor leaders some most famous technology companies , in particulars Dropbox , Qualtrics and Twitter . A , except total , she a lot travels the world , investing your energy and knowledge in very wide range projects , from control pediatric clinic before bases factories by processing diamonds .

In your own book Radical openness : become tough boss , not losing humanity » Kim Scott shared experience , gained in time of this long path . What main mistake make managers , not realizing this ? In what is entity radical openness “? What three steps can help balance work and private life ?

Why you decided go beyond limits technological world and take for writing books ?

Moving forward your career , me all deeper realized : most important for me not building business , and create commands , which people could would do work , most meaningful in your life . I wanted to capture then , what I knew , at the operational level . So appeared course Control in Apple and similar project , above which I worked in Twitter . When I for the first time ended up in Silicon valley , I warned , that topic management there few who interested . Although already then was it’s obvious , what is the relationship began to change . But managers rarely show propensity to writing . I I love this practice .

What , actually , is different approach radical frankness “?

Here one example . Many years back , when I only started work in Google , mine the chef was Sherrill Sandburg . I only what completed , like to me it seemed , very successful presentation AdSense for top manager Google . A when went out of rooms , collided Cheryl . I thought , that she me will tell what then like : “ Everything passed good “. But nothing such I not heard , and here Sandburg invited me to myself . Sharing her impressions , she first very kindly told , what she liked , and then stopped and said : “ you had many well …” – you this do you realize ?” I sighed with relief . “ If well … “- this is my the most big error , then on itself actually all was very good “, – thought I and immediately threw away this from heads . What not escaped from attention Cheryl . “ May you hire a coach by improvement speech ? “, – asked she . AND again I mentally pressed button reset “”. Then Sandburg , looking me in eyes , said : “ Good , and now I will with you frank : using well …” after each third words , you look funny “. Only by this times i in full measure realized , that she wanted me to convey .

Who then will say , what so you can’t talk with people . Because c early childhood we teach to be polite . However if would Sandberg not said about problem exactly , unlikely whether what then made me turn to coach . For throughout throughout career I made presentations but none drew my attention on nuzzling “. Why this did it Cheryl ? Because that she was interested in and i like personality , and my career . Therefore she and could enough hard put me before call .

What , according to your opinion , errors more often total are committed executives in process interactions with subordinates ?

The most common error this when you show individual , what care about it , about development its careers , but when this do not indicate frankly by disadvantages . I I call this destructive empathy “. This very serious error , which should bypass leaders . Or you you can very sharply point to the employee to what then unpleasant fact , not showing when this , what he you cares . ( This management behavior I I call explicit aggression “.) A sometimes you not succeeds nor to show humanity , nor put subordinate before by calling . This passive aggressive , “ politicized » behavioral line , which can be called manipulative insincerity “. All we time from time we resort to it . But target method radical openness » is not in volume , to hold people in cells c their shortcomings , a , vice versa , you should help them from there leave .

Then is , so be good manager , required high level self-awareness ?

Speech goes about very good understanding as yourself , so and others . You can have best in world intentions , but from them will no benefit , if you not perceive , as you perceives companion . I always I say : “ is measured not then , what leaves from your mouth , and then , what reaches ears others “.

What would you answered to the leader , which would said :” Everything looks great , but , to sorry , me no time to conversations , which by you led Sandburg “?

Radical openness nothing not is and is minimum time . Best backward link , which I received from bosses or colleagues , provided in one two minutes conversations in breaks between meetings So much time took and conversation c Cheryl .

Idea radical openness was born , when I waited change signal traffic light on Manhattan . Co me was absolutely unmanaged puppy , which me very much loved . Unexpectedly he jumped out on driveway part and slightly not fell under wheels taxi . I succeeded to keep it in last moment . Here to me fit stranger and said : “ I see , that you very love your dog “. In this and is whole entity : show people , what they you are not indifferent , what you them see , see exactly now . For this not you need many time , but this gives you right to then , what did stranger next . “ If you not teach your dog run the command sit ” – it will die “, – asked he to me , and then exclaimed : “ Sit !” AND puppy polite country . I asked , how him this succeeded . “ All very simple here no nothing bad “, – answered he .

How differ ways providing backward links in different regions and for different age groups ?

Radical openness is universal . our planet there is no cultural or age groups , which would count would , what love and true this doesn’t matter . But nuances reverse links may differ different regions . Like then I in parallel led two teams in Tokyo and in Tel Avive . IN Tokyo I called radical openness ” “ polite persistence “. There courtesy is manifestation personal indifference , a persistence this the way to attract attention person to certain shortcomings . However if would in Tel Avive I asked members team to be polite , they would this understood as prompting to manifestation excellence . AND again we return to volume , what in any situations validity backward links is measured topics , as people perceive then , what you them you say , a not words , which go out from your mouth .

If speak about age groups groups , then often say what millennials very bad perceive criticism Although this not so . B Google I worked with group , in which was included about 700 young people , who only that graduated college . All they wanted to grow and evolve , therefore wanted to know , what y them turns out not so . But before topics , like what – then speak , you need was show your own indifference , otherwise they will count , what you just to him cling and will close into yourself , however , like and all we .

How important , by your opinion , is transparency ?

When the case concerns business metrics and you need , so that all are correct understood goals , then hide this information is complete nonsense . If people open more information , they will solve problems more before addition , like about them learn leaders . According to my belief , each command must have public informational scoreboard , so that everyone knew as they are promoted with metrics If you wait until end quarter , to inform subordinates about them results , then correct what then , like rule , will already late .

A like executives should fit to the coach’s choice coach ?

Important find whom then , who already visited into your skin “. Mentor should on their own experience feel everyday managerial process , have experience solutions problems , with which collide you . Not less important and then , so leader and coach had general looks on control .

CEO very lonely shape . You you need to decide whom fire , a whom assign to high position , select performers project , think , like better organize interaction people . Discuss such questions with members of your team wrong . In general , most worst , what you can make as leader this talk with your subordinates about their colleagues . A your second half “, probably , already sick from some and those last names and all your problems . Also not it is worth make such questions on review members advice directors , because they may make decision and without your participation . Therefore you as to the leader needed who then , who understood would yours problems and aspirations , and when this would you listen .

A like you understand balance private and professional life ?

Each must find your recipe preservation balance and , probably , mine is different from your . So , in first , I try get enough sleep ; during second , I do physical exercises not less hours in day ; and , in third , hour I dedicate to topics , whom I love , I try every day cook breakfast and dinner with children and husband . Only after 35 ty years came awareness : if this not do , will suffer my performance . These two aspects of our lives not clash between yourself , they work as one whole . Imagine wheel : if axis not functional in harmony with spokes , it loosening .

What you love read ?

I love novels . Such books , like Middlemarch George Elliot and Anna Karenina Leo Tolstoy helped me to become the best by manager . Reading great way understand , like thinks and what feels another person .

What you will study further ?

Now I am writing a new book , which is called Radical Conciliation ” (“ Big reconciliation “). In it under consideration question o volume , like lead radical frank conversations about gender issues . In this we while not ready to be open openness .

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