The client in a new normality


The client in a new normality

Professionals consulting company McKinsey think , what now we see only part changes , there are quite a few long-term trends in behavior consumers , which only recently started to appear . However already today you can render certain outputs :

1 . Changes behavior customers are to all aspects them lives .

People not just more often use digital services , they rethink their habits consumption through serious thinking about health , hygiene , economic recession and t . n .

During time hard quarantine housing now execute much more functions , than before . People ate , worked , played , talked with family and friends , not leaving walls houses . Therefore not surprising , that although general consumption decreased , share home expenses increased : consumers in different countries spent more by cooking food at home , refurbished work , entertainment .

Changes structure costs , and this process will continue . Experts McKinsey predict , what in flow next two years in USA general consumption will decrease by 12 %. Conventionally speaking , people will be buy less cosmetics and more flour . AND many from them generally will stop go real stores , giving preference online commerce .

Work and training See also all more migrate in online . Number users paid services Slack doubled in three months , a customers Zoom now instead of 10 million 200 million . By 120 % grew and number users remote educational services .

One from first positions in the list goals and priorities people by throughout last months took care o your health . Therefore significantly increased demand to services electronic medicine and electronic pharmacies “. Of those , who was forced to cancel visit to doctor from for quarantine , 44 % applied to alternative telemedicine . Number requests for topic telemedicine in search engines systems has grown more than 9 times .

Habitual models leisure also change : instead of far travel people travel within your own country . A have fun more often total total home , what finds reflection in increasing subscribers streaming services . For example , Netflix for five last months received optional 16 million users , a Disney almost doubled base subscribers to 50 million . Companies , operating in sphere entertainment , try to adjust under new requirements , starting virtual tours , streaming views and volume like .

2 . For wide spectrum changes hidden many options .

Speed ​​, s which we moving to new normality , and route , by which we there go , not will stable . Next 6 24 months , rather total , will mark stops , starts and reboots . AND will remain whether defined changes into behavior for a long time , will depend from different factors .

Let’s say , will be or new client-side experience better previous ? If so , then it is will delay , and if no probably , people will change behavior next . For example , in Italy in time hard quarantine 60 % consumers made purchases online , but less 10 % considered this experience good . Therefore it is unlikely whether is expect substantial growth quantities online buyers in this country . A in China , vice versa , large percentage consumers received positive experience and will continue buy online and after quarantine .

Change behavior very strongly varies in dependencies from countries , and specialists McKinsey four templates :

Temporary fall . In China , looks like , epidemic has become only next pit on road “, it markets quickly recover . Trends like digitalization , limited physical contacts and compliance hygiene during time shopping existed there and before , and in later will be amplified . However this looks like gradual process , not radical , like in other countries .

Big shock . this category refers to , in particular, United States and United Kingdom . Here you can expect significant falls economics ( and consumer expenses ) and simultaneously acceleration trend by development e commerce and care o health and safety .

Big shock , but more low digital adaptation . This option can see in France , Germany , Italy and Spain . Economic shock here will be so strong , as in UK and US , therefore consumers will spend less . But electronic commerce will be grow slower from for not very good client experience ( reasons which weak infrastructure delivery and less attracting people to internet services ).

Digital acceleration . Impact pandemics on developing markets ( India , Brazil and t . d .), while not until end understandable . It will depend from addition , like these countries will cope crisis in next months . However quite probably , that trend towards digitalization will gain turnovers .

Also companies follow take into account , what habits customers , which sped up , and not for the first time appeared during time pandemics , can resilient . AND , of course , each from them should first type critical weight , before what become a real part new normality .

3 . Companies need to review their own knowledge o volume , like and where they are interact with clients .

By least pinning new behavior consumers business will have adapt to changes and make decision o volume , how act next . In particular , is worth think above with the following questions :

Like clients now get information ? Which channels become for them priority ? How changes role digital channels receive information ?


What do they buy ? what products or services steel for them more and less relevant ? How they buy , what billing funds use ? They prefer big brands ( say , because because consider them more reliable ) or small ?

Where do they buy ? How change their relationship to online shopping and real shops ? How you need to change your own physical stores , so that satisfy new need in security ? Steel whether customers buy more , but less often ? Like company can optimize its offer for such consumers ?

What experience get clients ?

Preferences consumers now can change enough fast , therefore business worth customize reliable loop backward link , improve your ability to collect and analyze data . Because many from long-term trends only unfold , timely actions allow companies form for yourself positive future .

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