Bad boss: the main rules of survival

работа отношения начальник

Bad boss: the main rules of survival

It turns out , making solution , work whether on given enterprise or none , applicants count fourth by importance factor degree adequacy potential bosses . Larger meaning have leavings size wages pay , stability and prospects promotions in career . But far not always when first communication succeeds exactly define traits character future boss , therefore sometimes it is necessary hastily to solve , what now do : or write statement on calculation , or endure fierce temper executive .

Losing strategies

Don’t need fall into in extremes . Yes employees , who when collisions aggressive behavior , inadequacy and frank rudeness bosses prefer to use by ostrich » methods . They do not speak nor words , not mind , not complain , but just tend as you can less often call out eyes head . Here only inside them constantly are seething passions , they are not can get rid of from indignation , and therefore always are in stressful state . there is no tactic like absolutely no benefits . Motivation to work disappears , self-assessment omitted all below and below , and probability career growth growth is reduced to zero . Indeed , who thinks promote employee , not taking initiative and leading yourself quieter water , lower herbs . Even if in the beginning he seemed like a potential and strong performer.

Occurs and employees , not afraid go to explicit conflict with boss . However, often they too nothing from this not win rather total , them early or late will ask or will force to pay . Remember , that boss may turn out at least a hundred times guilty , but he continues to be boss .

Exists and more one , special contingent employees . Their weapons against inadequacy are intrigue , sneakiness and skillful flattery . Precisely with them using they always in favorite anyone bosses . But if you not accept similar transactions with conscience and not used to fall to intrigue , is better not try imitate them .

Work over yourself

Assertion , what , changing world , need for start swap yourself , here like never appropriate . So that everyone surrounding you people , in volume number your manager , belonged to you with respect and not allowed to themselves unnecessary , you need to learn to demonstrate complete confidence in yourself and your own powers .

B first queue do work with your body . How you imagine yourself of a person , accustomed to be victim ? He tries not watch in eyes to the interlocutor , all time justifies , pulls in head in shoulders , slouching back and generally shrinks , like as if tends to get lost in space . A now try mentally see confident in yourself person . Try copy it image : stand in front of mirror , relax and a little arrange legs , look straight in eyes to your reflection . Catch this feeling : “ I large and confident in my forces , I not I’m afraid to defend my own position “. You need , for this posture became for you native . Intentionally wean yourself yourself from nervous fidgety in movements , like like she explicitly shows , what you pass before interlocutor . Like only you notice , what hand starts convulsively curl hair or tap with a pencil table , force will force yourself relax and stop this is obsessive movement .

Also you need some work with voice . When a person scared , he is begins to swallow words , speak hastily , his voice shakes and then and business breaks on high notes . AND immediately becomes clear , what fight back not followed by , like like interlocutor already ready to be victim . AND , opposite , with using clear , intelligible , calm and good articulated speech you can demonstrate complete confidence to yourself and look like by a person , which will allow , so that his opinion ignored . To develop this ability , read children by night books and generally more often Speak text aloud . If you to pronounce toast to corporate party or make report by planning meeting , required rehearse speech before mirror .

Steps towards getting closer

Like only you start emit confidence and calm , you can start to communication strategies communication c inadequate leader . For start learn not give break your own personal borders . Methods their protection can be multiple . For example , you can remind to the boss about rules and laws : “ Despite on all mine willingness to help case , this not provided my job instructions “. Or you can try offset focus attention : “ I I know , what like situation not can upset , however let’s take a look at facts and we will try to settle question “. Use I arguments : “ I not can correct formulate thought , when me interrupt and increase by me voice “.

работа отношения начальник

Try to articulate , what specifically in your relationships with the leader is the source negative . Compose list and ponder , what actions you can take , to improve situation . By example , you not you can accept , what boss then and business changes their instructions and forgets about reached agreements . In this case try write all his orders immediately same after their receipt . You can do this is with using messengers , e-mail letters or internal orders .

Other situation : boss wants totally all control and requires report o each body movement employees , a you just not you can work in such setting . Try to stay ahead your boss . Like only it will be cross threshold of your cabinet , take soldier’s rack and start report :“ Quarterly report already is waiting your checks , important clients phoned , partners notified about transfer negotiations , assignment for programmers compiled and already in work “.

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