Month: February 2021

The client in a new normality

Professionals consulting company McKinsey think , what now we see only part changes , there are quite a few long-term trends in behavior consumers , which only recently started to appear . However already today you can render certain outputs : 1 . Changes behavior customers are to all aspects them lives . People not […]

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If you have lost your job

In a modern, turbulent and aggressive world prone to economic and financial crises, no one is safe from job loss. But do not despair, complain about fate and feel sorry for yourself if this happened to you. Take advantage of this situation to your advantage – turn your misfortune into your luck. First of all, […]

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Leaving work and starting a new career

Going to a job that doesn’t bring you satisfaction can be extremely painful. In a worst-case scenario, the very thought of going back to work the next morning can be enough to make a person feel physically ill! However, an objective assessment of your skills and qualifications, plus active actions in this direction, can help […]

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