Photographing toddlers: Tips and Tricks

November 11, 2018

Photographing little children can be a joyful and rewarding process, but it’s also uniquely challenging. Here are 8 essential tips and tricks for photographing toddlers:

⭐️Shoot them as they are (not how you want them to be). “Adults tend to project what they want you to believe they are. Children are always honest and are comfortable with themselves. They lack that self-consciousness we seem to develop as adults.” That’s the beauty of a children photography – you capture real, honest moments and emotions. So throw your ‘pose guide’ out the window and let them be.

⭐️Make it fun. When I photograph the girls, I also become a little bit of a kid. I try to make them laugh by singing songs, or dancing for them. It’s very important that everyone is happy and having good time. If not, it soon becomes a torture, and there’s a risk that your kids will hate to be in front of a camera (true story).

⭐️Get down on their level. It sounds obvious, but remember that you’re likely to be much taller than your subjects. Get as low to the ground as possible to create an image that feels more connected with the child. Our photographer Jenn shoots the girls while laying on the ground, even when we’re outside. It’s funny to watch but the result is always amazing.

⭐️Don’t tire them out! As I said, having fun is very important, and if you’ve noticed that they are done – pushing a child beyond that point doesn’t benefit anybody. We usually take a break every 30-40 minutes, and use this time to change them, or feed them.

⭐️ Be as fast as you can. We are talking about toddlers here. You can’t just say: “Hey honey, please stand here and don’t move while mommy is taking pictures!” They don’t give a damn about your pictures. That’s the hardest thing – to capture them while they on a move and run in the different directions. So run with them, throw yourself on the ground, step back, then zoom in, just don’t stay still (sounds fun, huh?)!

⭐️ If they don’t want to participate, don’t be pushy! I know, it can be very frustrating sometimes, especially if you’ve planned everything, but don’t forget that the kids are not your circus monkeys. If they don’t cooperate, just let them be in their natural environment and shoot them from the back, capturing the landscape too. It can turn out pretty good.

⭐️Join them! What can be more adorable than photos of babies? Photos of a whole family. I love to capture my daily moments together with the girls. I like to play with them and snuggle them during photo shoots. The emotions are real and I feel much more confortable in front of the camera when I’m with the girls. If you don’t want to hire a photographer, ask your husband or even a stranger to take a snap. Timer is an option too. Like this it’s also easier to capture the kids because you have a little control of them and you don’t have to run after them, they are with you.

⭐️Enjoy it so when you look at the photos later, you have the warmest memories about that day.

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