On A Plane With Three Under Two Years Old Babies

February 4, 2018
three under two

Today we took a plane with three under two years old babies. I’m actually on a plane right now, writing this article while everyone is sleeping. Yes, all three of them, at the same time.

Warning: This is not a “How to” article or an article about the best baby travel gear items or whatever you can find on Google.

Traveling with babies is actually easy. I mean, it’s not that hard as you might think. I believe that manage three or even five years olds is much harder than to change diapers or to push a stroller. However, everything changes when you decide to take a plane. When the guy behind us saw the amount of babies we carry, he asked to change his seat. It’s completely understandable because if you ever took a plane with small children on board, you know that it’s hard for everyone, and no earplugs can help. But not in our case.


It is not my first flight with an infant. We took a plane many times during the past year with my oldest daughter. But traveling with three under two years old children is a whole new level. You have to be prepared.

I started with four bags. I thought that I would be better prepared if I take more because you can never know, you know?  Diapers, food, toys, books, warm outfits, cute outfits, different hats, accessories … Fortunately, my husband payed only for one luggage. I needed to full it wisely because adding another luggage after the booking was too expensive. And you know what? The girls will survive with only one dress each. I took only the most necessary items and it’s more than enough to enjoy the holidays. Besides, we have so many bags with us, and I don’t know if it would be physically possible to carry one more.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t work for the cabin luggage. There, less is less, and more is the best. I took a huge cotton bag because it’s lightweight, practical and you can put inside more things than in a regular square luggage. There’s everything! Diapers, food, water, toys, blankets, iPad for emergency situations, tons of wipes and extra sets of clothes, both for me and the girls. Good thing is that the airline restrictions on fluids/liquids do not apply to baby formula and foods. What I always do, I prepare a bottle of formula right before take-off. I heard that feeding babies during take-off and landing can help them with the pressure changes. I don’t know if that’s true because the critical moment is not on either but at the top of decent when the aircraft first comes out of “cruising altitude” (you feel it in your ears too). What I know for sure is that it keeps them calm.


Another important thing is that you can’t take a plane with three under two years old children, even if you’re an octopus or Indian goddess. You need help! Here’s why.

To have some extra hands, we invited my parents-in-law to come with us. On a plane, to have all girls together, we sat with my husband and my mother-in-law in a three seated row. I was surprised when the cabin crew didn’t allow us to sit together. Turned out that in a three seated row, generally there are four oxygen masks. If every seat is taken you can sit with one infant, and if the parents want to keep the twins together in a row, one of the seats must be empty during the whole flight, not just for take-off and landing. That’s what happened. We have the whole row just for us (so fancy). Imagine if my mother-in-law wasn’t there? Even if one child would have her own seat, you can’t let her alone in another row.

I want to mention that in case of an emergency, you have only few seconds to get the masks on. You cannot spend time giving the baby to the back seat or wherever the third person that travels with you is seated. Sometimes the cabin crew are in a rush and don’t take time to explain the real reasons and the parents don’t get the importance of not getting the babies together. Inconvenient, I agree, but it’s safe. Unfortunately, I learned it only after posting the pictures on the social media.


… is the key. Sometimes there are moments when no iPad can help. When it happens, I always try to stay cool, even if I feel uncomfortable. How stressing out about what other people think will help to solve the problem? I’ve noticed that most of the parents get so nervous or even feel ashamed when their babies cry. Sometimes these parents even become aggressive in a way they try to calm their little ones. I don’t judge, I just think that it only worsen everything. For me, the best way to bring a smile on baby’s face is to smile yourself. Yes, I know how it sounds, but it’s definitely better than to shake her brains out.

The research clearly shows that happy, optimistic children are the product of happy, optimistic homes, regardless of genetic makeup.

Right now I put all my worries and troubles away. I’m very excited about our vacation and I share this positive feeling with the whole family. My husband and I ordered some wine not to feel any physical or emotional pressure, and we are enjoying our time together with the girls. I know that the upcoming week is going to be not an easy one, but again – it takes a positive attitude to archive positive results.

The flight is near its end, the girls are still sleeping, and you know what? We took a plane with three under two years old babies and none of them had cried even once!



  • Reply Cherie (Instagram name: ysllovelife) February 13, 2018 at 1:06 am

    I love how you keep yourself positive and passing the positive energy to the people around you! It’s not easy looking after three kids especially they are all under two! I have two kids, one is 4.5 and one is 1, i found it so hard sometimes. Well done mama!

  • Reply Ilaria February 26, 2018 at 4:16 pm

    You are my heroine! I am pregnant with my first baby: I hope to travel a lot with him/her. And I can imagine how difficult it can be. I think you are right: attitude is everything!
    Well done!
    A lot of love from me and my little bean

  • Reply Kendra March 29, 2018 at 2:41 am

    Love the photos in this post. Not sure if we’re going to be flying with our little bean anytime soon – but its good to know it can be done!

  • Reply Roz Hannan April 16, 2018 at 10:45 am

    Well done!! Not easy I know. I lived in Asia when my 2 were babies and we traveled to the UK once or twice a year….a 12/14 hour journey! Nappies, bottles, changes of clothing..etc etc.
    I always seemed to end up traveling with them myself too as I would travel a couple of weeks ahead of my husband and stay on later. He would rock up with just a carry-on bag!
    The last time I did it they were 4 and 7. They wheeled their own bags, ate the food and slept…. and NO BUGGY! So easy! After that we were permanently relocated to the UK.
    I could never have done it with 3 little ones so congrats to you…organisation is key.

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