My 7 Most Embarrassing Pregnancy Problems

December 3, 2016
pregnancy problems

Spending your time watching beautiful maternity photos on Pinterest? Don’t let them fool you! Behind these well-dressed tummies and smiling faces, is an ugly truth which these photos don’t reveal.

1. Gas and Bloating

As soon as your body will start to “make a room for baby” and push your insides, to be in an elevator full of people right after dinner will become your biggest nightmare. You will be exposed to constant farts and burps 24/7, so try to be more in the open air to avoid an embarrassment.

2. Throwing up

I was lucky not to have the famous morning sickness. Instead, I remember myself vomiting from a driving car or in the public. Never home behind closed doors. Never.

3. Pizza face

… is the worst thing.”Glowing skin” is a bullshit! Acne appears on your face, neck, breasts, shoulders and back! All experimentations with different creams and treatments are nothing but a waste of money and time. Better buy a good foundation, because you won’t be able to win a war with hormones.

4. Turning into a werewolf

Hair everywhere! Like it wouldn’t be enough with the countless pimples, you slowly start to look like a carpet.


In the beginning, it may seem like a dream come true, especially, while you are still thin. Enjoy, because after few months you can put away your sexy La Perla and say hello to the bralettes. For me it was impossible to keep my ladies in the place, they lived their own independent life. Plus, I had to deal with extreme soreness and pain, but at least my boyfriend was happy.

6. Hemorrhoids

Literally, a pain in the ass. End of story.

7. Weight gain

It can be very exciting to watch how your belly grows. Like many others, I used to make photos every week to better see the progress. Keep focusing on the belly, because one day you will look at yourself in a mirror and will notice that not only the belly has grown, but somehow you have became a fat, hairy monster, and there is no way out. Good thing – after this nightmare, the happiness of putting your ass in your old skinny jeans is indescribable!

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  • Reply triplejanes December 14, 2016 at 2:50 am

    The turning into a ware wolf made me laugh! The hair grows everywhere. I remember having meltdowns because I was so hairy and couldn’t stop it from growing everywhere. This was a great read!

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