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twin birth story

My Twin Birth Story: Combined Vaginal-Cesarean Delivery

Have you ever heard of the Murphy’s law that says if anything can go wrong, will go wrong? That’s exactly what happened during my labor – everything went wrong! Don’t worry, this twin birth story has a happy ending, even if the way to happiness…

April 20, 2017
pregnancy problems

My 7 Most Embarrassing Pregnancy Problems

Spending your time watching beautiful maternity photos on Pinterest? Don’t let them fool you! Behind these well-dressed tummies and smiling faces, is an ugly truth which these photos don’t reveal. 1. Gas and Bloating As soon as your body will start to “make a room for baby”…

December 3, 2016

Pregnant twice within a year 

I found out that I’m pregnant five months after the birth of my first baby. The first pregnancy hit me hard, I was deeply depressed during all nine months and I couldn’t wait to get back on track. Don’t get me wrong, I love…

December 1, 2016